Meter Portfolio

Hydrus (ULTRA-Sonic Meter)

•Marks a new era in water metering
•Pioneering ultrasonic technology enabling exact date measurement, optimum precision and greatest possible efficiency 
•Solution for measuring accurate consumption in high humidity environments, flooded shafts, pressure surges and air pockets in piping system and poor water quality.
•Static system, which has no moving parts, allows long-term accuracy with high degree of protection against manipulation.
•Intergrated radio module for data transmission for AMR
•Robust, UV resistant housing and fully encapsulated electronics (IP 68) provides invaluble advantage especially under extreme climactic conditions.
•Measuring  forward and return flows
•Measuring water up to 90...
•Class D
•All postition possible, vertical & horizontal
•Length - 165mm

165mm Meter - 1,5m³/h (15mm) + 2,5m³h (20mm)

•Fitted with 1,5m or 2,5m class C meter
•Optical (inductive) pulse output ideal for AMR upgrade
•Fits into Aqua-Loc Econobox for domestic installations 
•165mm meter can be accomodated in other meter housing
•Multi-Jet inferential meter
•Ful NRCS/SABS approved
•SANAS compliant

Apartment Meters

•Installation position: Horizontal, Vertical, Riser pipe and Down pipe.
•Norminal diameter DN 15mm (Qn 1,5m³/h) DN 20mm (Qn 2,5m³/h).
•Single - Jet Impeller meter
•Protection class IP 54
•Prepared for retro-fitting  IZAR RS 868 radio segment for AMR
•80mm and 110mm length avalable 

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