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2016 brings about the 16th year anniversary of Aqualoc South Africa (Pty) Ltd and the Diehl Metering partnership and in celebration Aqualoc/Diehl Metering are exhibiting its full range of products on offer for the African market at this year’s African Utility Week (AUW).

This provides exciting news for the industry as some of the products are new off the production lines and have never been made available in South Africa or Africa before. The AUW provides us a perfect platform to launch these innovations and the perfect opportunity for council and government officials alike to identify with these solutions.

So what products can you look forward to seeing at the exhibition:

  • Aqualoc’s Water Management System which has been offering councils with a simple, robust, maintenance free management solution with total flexibility in accordance with council or consumers water needs.
  • Aqualoc’s Econobox. A superior design but cost effective, water meter and valve in a plastic housing
  • Aqualoc’s new electronic valve with total management facility
  • A full range of domestic meters including plastic and brass rotary pistons and multi-jet meters
  • The Hydrus is the answer to the ecological and economic questions of our time. With innovative ultrasonic technology, the Hydrus revolutionizes water metering with total precision and long term accuracy
  • Sub metering and / or Apartment meters
  • Woltman bulk meters
  • Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) systems. Hydrometer’s AMR system is identified as one of the most reliable and flexible systems in the market. The system enables prompt and accurate collection of water and energy consumption data and promotes energy –saving consumption behavior. The system also offers manipulation and leakage detection

Here are some photos of our exhibit: